India's rich spirituality begins with Ganesha. Even the most austere yogi starts his inward journey by invoking the God who softens karma and guides dharma. He reigns over our beginnings, our changes, earthly decisions and problems--always there when needed, never aloof. Here a Hindu master invites us into Ganapati's interior meaning, rites, mantras and sacred symbols, unfolding an intimate depiction of the mysterious Deity. Loving Ganesha is part of the conprehensive works of Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, a traditional satguru immersed in the global Hindu renaissance for half a centry, named by New Delhi's World Religious Parliament as a Jagadacharya or world teacher, and elected one of three presidents to represent Sanatana Dharma at the 1993 Chicago Parliament of World's Religions.

Let this book be a source of inspiration for the devotees of Lord Ganesha, helping them to deepen their faith and love for him.
Sri Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, President/Founder, Mata Amritanandamayi Trust; Kerala, India
imageReading Loving Ganesha I really felt raised to a heavenly sphere and was aware of the presence and brightness of this blissful, very lively Deity. In this book Satguru Subramuniyaswami proves his profound knowledge, his deep intuition and wisdom and his heartfelt devotion and love of Lord Ganesha, the Guardian of the Sanatana Dharma, the Remover of Obstacles, the Patron of Arts and Sciences, the Mediator and Intercessor between Man and God. He is the God on our side, our friend indeed, our protector and benefactor. In an excellent, clear and cultivated style, with simple words and a refreshing, subtle sense of humor the Great Ganesha is introduced to the reader. Each and every aspect, relation, symbol and meaning of Lord Ganesha has been explained and detailed skillfully, along with mantras, prayers and pujas to pay reverence to the merciful elephant-faced God. Many may think of Lord Ganesha as a little-overweight, pompous, elephant-headed Deity Who belongs somehow to the Hindu pantheon, but with Whom he never really has gotten acquainted. If this has been your case, then Loving Ganesha has come to you in just the right time to get the right answers to all your questions and bring you closer to the magnificent and charming Ganapati, the Treasurer of all Knowledge and Great Ruler of the Universe. I express my heartiest thanks to Satguruji Subramuniyaswami for this wonderful book from which pours forth an abundance of divine nectar, wisdom and bliss. May all readers be bestowed with happiness, prosperity and the divine protection of the merciful, loving Ganesha!
Sri Sri Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, International Sri Deep Madhavananda Ashram Fellowship; Vienna, Austria
imageIt is with a feeling of deep satisfaction and great joy that I read Gurudeva’s new book entitled Loving Ganesha. Hindus around the world pray to Lord Ganesha for help and guidance. All Hindus regardless of their sectarian position seek His able assistance in all things they do, as their first Ishta Devata, the chosen God. In this book Gurudeva has brought forth a special interpretive insight, a powerful and persuasive presentation. It is a deeply felt, powerfully conceived and a beautifully explained work. I would strongly recommend this book to all students interested in Hinduism. It will occupy a significant place in the intellectual and spiritual life of Hindus for a long time to come.
YB Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu, President of Malaysian Indian Congress, Member of Parliament, Minister of Works; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
imageHere is a marvelous book, full of attractive pictures, songs and poems, an enticing encyclopedia about Loving Ganesha written by the honorable satguru of Kauai Aadheenam, Hawaii, a heavenly place on earth and the unique Center of the Universe of Hinduism that is consistently trying to infuse new blood and spirit in children and adults of the society so that Hinduism can regain its past glory as the oldest and the richest religion in the world. His beautiful analysis of Sri Ganesha and His symbols, from a spiritual as well as scientific point of view, is incomparable. Sri Satguru has poured out his heart, and each and every word of the book is full of extreme love, not only for Ganesha but for every human being. He fearlessly repudiates all misconcepts that present Hinduism in a wrong form and removes all doubts with clear and convincing answers. It is actually his own experience flowing through the words, drenching the minds of devotees of Sri Ganesha with showers of happiness, peace and bliss. It is really “all in one” about Sri Ganesha. The author has not only explained His worship and chants, along with the meaning of mantras, but has included detailed recipes for preparing prasadam for Him, along with the ayurvedic explanations of vegetables, grains and spices and the significance of vegetarianism. He wishes from the depth of his heart for every Hindu who loves Ganesha to come up as a real Hindu in diet, costume, name and culture. He has beautifully explained the importance of Hindu names and given cultural cues and clues for becoming a real Hindu. Sri Satguru welcomes those who wish to change their hearts to become Hindu and has explained the way one can adopt Hindu Dharma. The Ganesha puzzles and alphabet for small children have added beauty to the book. The soul of the book, however, is the three letters revealed by the Lord to Sri Gurudeva that have been reproduced verbatim for the benefit of humanity. “I dismay as you retreat to the devilish worlds in the plane beyond My sight. I sit waiting for your return.” What encouraging, inspiring and assuring words from Ganesha! The letters simply melt the heart and bring tears in eyes.
Pandit Satyapal Sharma, Sanskrit Scholar, Vice Chancellor, Vedic University of America; San Diego, California
imageLoving Ganesha captures the true spirit of Ganesha and proceeds to explain in both scientific and spiritual terms the esteemed pedestal He holds in Hindu homage. The pages on vegetarianism and ayurveda deserve commendation. I wish to congratulate Satguru Sivaya Subramuniaswami on this magnificent effort. This invaluable publication will be an asset to the Hindu world.
Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud, Minister of Agriculture, Guyana; President, Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha; Georgetown, Guyana
imageThe Hindu, by understanding the philosophy and meaning of the forms, symbols and festivals of Ganesha explained in this book, so rich with pictorial illustrations, becomes more devout and attached to his religion and to Ganesha. Aspiring Hindus and the many non-Hindus in the Western world, increasingly becoming interested in vegetarianism, ahimsa, karma, rebirth and other concepts of Hindu religion, will find useful information and explanations to remove many misconceptions and misinformation about Hindu religion and Hindu worship. The large number of Hindus living in the Western world, cut off from their roots in India and Sri Lanka, will find the book inspiring to refresh their religion and make them proud of their rich culture. Many quotations from the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Tirumantiram, Tirukural, Auvaiyar, Yogaswami and other scriptures make the book a religious and literary treatise worthy of study by scholars and savants. The glossary explains many words and phrases to help the understanding of the text. This book should find a place in every Hindu home and library.
Tiru M. Arumugam, Chairman, Siva Thondan Nilayam
(Yogaswami Centre); London, U.K.
imageMillions of Hindus around the world invoke Ganesha, the divine Remover of Obstacles. Millions of Hindus should study this book and benefit from the esteemed author’s knowledge, wisdom and human warmth. It is a wonderful cornucopia of those wishing to deepen their understanding of and strengthen their faith in Lord Ganesha. A high-quality, practical and very readable volume.
Georg Feuerstein, Ph.D., author of Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga and Wholeness and Transcendence; Lower Lake, California
imageIn putting this book Loving Ganesha together, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami has done an outstanding and encyclopedic work, especially for the benefit of Westerners interested in Hindu thought and second-generation Indian Hindus growing up in the West. Several aspects of Ganesha that are not popularly known are included. These will tend to strengthen the faith of the readers in Lord Ganesha and make their prayers to Him come from deep within and hence be more fruitful. In addition to covering the various aspects of Ganesha, Swamiji has also included several other topics of common interest. These will prove very valuable to the readers in developing clarity about Hindu thought and in adopting more meaningful things in their daily lives.
Dr. Deendayal Khandelwal, Chairman, Board of Directors, Hindu University of America, Orlando, Florida

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